We are proud to play host to a range of interesting demos in the area of the Internet of Things. The demos underwent a review process and we selected 10 demos out of 19 submissions. The demos will be presented in the exhibition hall.

  • Analyzing Product Flows with the Supply Chain Visualizer
    A. Ilic, T. Andersen, F. Michahelles, and E. Fleisch
  • A Web Based Platform for Smart Spaces
    J. van Gurp, S. Tarkoma, C. Prehofer, and C. di Flora
  • BaToo - Enabling the Rapid Prototyping of Mobile Services to Retail Products
    R. Adelmann
  • Coupling ERP Systems with Shop-Floor Web Service Enabled Devices
    O. Baecker, D. Guinard, S. Karnouskos, M. Koehler, D. Savio, L. Moreira S de Souza, P. Spiess, and V. Trifa
  • Demonstration of a Decentralised Material Flow Control of a Large-Scale Baggage Handling System
    M. Roidl, G. Follert, and L. Nage
  • Distributed Coordination in Mobile Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
    S. Bosch, M. Marin-Perianu, R. Marin-Perianu, H. Scholten, and P. Havinga
  • RFID Tag Pseudonyms with Efficient Reading and Scalable Management
    C. Tutsch, A. Soppera, T. Burbridge, and M. Aigner
  • Stop Tampering of Products (SToP) - Integrated Processes for Product Authentication with Special Consideration of Mobile Phones
    H. Vogt, C. Magerkurth, A. Dada, J. Mller, N. Oertel, and F. Graf von Reischach
  • Synchronized Secrets Approach for RFID-enabled Anti-Counterfeiting
    A. Ilic, M. Lehtonen, F. Michahelles, and E. Fleisch
  • Tomu-R: Real-Time Query for Massive Sensor Databases
    K. Kanai, H. Isizuka, and Y. Tobe