Accepted papers

Full Papers

  • Providing Fault Tolerance via Complex Event Processing and Machine Learning for IoT Systems
  • Interoperable Digital Twins in IIoT Systems by Transformation of Information Models
  • Quality-aware Service Selection Approach for Adaptive Context Recognition in IoT
  • Achieving Accurate Room-Level Indoor Location Estimation with Emerging IoT Networks
  • How IOT and computer vision could improve the casting quality
  • Non-interactive Certificate Update Protocol for Efficient Authentication in IoT
  • A Scalable Software Update Service for IoT Devices in Urban Scenarios
  • Interactive Machine Learning for the Internet of Things: A Case Study on Activity Detection
  • Scalable Identity and Key Management for Publish-Subscribe Protocols in the Internet-of-Things
  • MyAQI: Context-aware Outdoor Air Pollution Monitoring System
  • Energy-Accuracy Tradeoff for Efficient Noise Monitoring and Prediction inWorking Environments
  • Blockchain-based Data Provenance for the Internet of Things
  • Simplicity is Best: Addressing the Computational Cost of Machine Learning Classifiers in Constrained Edge Devices
  • Using BPM Technology to Deploy and Manage Distributed Analytics in Collaborative IoT-Driven Business Scenarios
  • Real-time IoT Road Traffic Data Monitoring using LoRaWAN
  • MAPO: A Multi-Objective Model for IoT Application Placement in a Fog Environment
  • Towards Somaesthetic Smarthome Designs: Exploring Potentials and Limitations of an Affective Mirror
  • Enabling easyWeb of Things compatible device generation using a Model-Driven Engineering approach
  • Towards Identification of Packaged Products via Computer Vision
  • Escaping the Streetlight Effect: Semantic Hypermedia Search Enhances Autonomous Behavior in the Web of Things

Short Papers

  • The Makers’ Beehives: Smart Beehives for Monitoring Honey-Bees’ Activities
  • Embracing Opportunities of Livestock Big Data Integration with Privacy Constraints
  • User Involvement Matters: The Side-Effects of Automated Smart Objects in Pro-environmental Behaviour
  • WoTbench: A Benchmarking Framework for the Web of Things
  • Privacy-Preserving IoT Cloud Data Processing Using SGX
  • IoT fault management in cloud/fog environments
  • Trusted Lightweight Communication for IoT Systems Using Hardware Security
  • Put that Hologram there - Probing Mobile Interaction Experiences for a Vision of Mixed Material Public Spaces

Accepted Demos and Posters:

  • Calibration Transfer for Food Recognition Models for E-Noses
  • Sensor Gym: Training Autonomous IoT Devices with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • POSTER: Human-Drone Teaming: Use Case Bookshelf Inventory
  • Workflow-based Setup of Smart Devices in Mixed Reality
  • Creating Awareness in Embedded Systems - IoT enabled Temperature-Awareness in PLCs
  • Toward a Delay Tolerant Internet of Things
  • An Interactive Interface for Bulk Software Deployment in IoT

Accepted Doctoral Colloquium:

  • Network Coding for IIoT Multi-Cloud Environments
  • Achieving Robust and Reliable Wireless Communications in Hostile In-Car Environments
  • Asset-Oriented Access Control: Towards an IoT Framework
  • A Novel Semantic Complex Event Processing (SCEP) Framework for Stream Processing

Accepted workshops: