About Malmö

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and the home of over 300 000 people with roots in over 174 countries, speaking 150 different languages. It is a breeding ground for strong corporate activity, university research and innovative technologies in the city’s key sectors: cleantech, digital media, life sciences, logistics and tourism.  

Malmö has undergone a tremendous change over the past 20 years, especially in the business sector. Large industries have given way to small and medium-sized enterprises in a wide range of fields. The Malmö University was established in 1998 and grew explosively during the first year. It currently has around 24,000 students. 

The population isn’t the only thing growing in Malmö – the city does as well. New neighborhoods are emerging and new residential construction pops up all over the city. The beautiful Western Harbour district (Västra Hamnen) is a fascinating place of different architectural styles and a pioneer in environmentally friendly housing. Sweden’s second tallest building, architect Santiago Calatrava’s Turning Torso, is just one example of the diversity you will find there.  

Getting Here

Malmö is just 20 minutes from Scandinavia’s largest airport, Copenhagen Airport. Malmö Airport and Copenhagen Airport together offer direct flights to 157 destinations throughout the world.  

If you are flying in from another country, we recommend that you book your flight to CPH Airport. Once you land, onward travel is easy – trains from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö Central Station run every twenty minutes. Most of Malmö University’s main buildings — including the IoT 2020 conference venue — are a short walking distance from Malmö Central Station.

If you are flying directly to Malmö, there are frequent buses from Malmö Airport to the city center. The bus ride usually takes around 40–50 minutes, depending on the traffic. For more information on connecting bus services to/from Malmö Airport, visit https://www.flygbussarna.se/en/.

Getting around

The compactness of Malmö’s city center offers not only a pleasant ambience and delightful atmosphere, it also enables you to explore much of the city even if you are only here for a short time. Most hotels and conference facilities are located within walking distance of the city center, which means that you are never far from restaurants, cultural activities, entertainment and picturesque parks. The city’s buses and trains run frequently and there are plenty of taxis. 

Public transportation: Skånetrafiken

Things to do in Malmö

Malmö city is a vibrant marketplace full of exciting shops, tasty restaurants and cozy cafes. Tourist information can be found at http://www.malmotown.com/en/