Internet of Things 2008

International Conference for Industry and Academia
March 26-28, 2008 / Zurich

The term "Internet of Things" has come to describe a number of technologies and research disciplines that enable the Internet to reach out into the real world of physical objects. Technologies like RFID, short-range wireless communications, real-time localization and sensor networks are now becoming increasingly common, bringing the Internet of Things into commercial use. They foreshadow an exciting future that closely interlinks the physical world and cyberspace - a development that is not only relevant to researchers, but to corporations and individuals alike.

The conference, organized by Elgar Fleisch (University of St. Gallen and ETH Zurich), Friedemann Mattern (ETH Zurich), and Sanjay Sarma (MIT), was the first that brought leading researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry together to facilitate sharing of applications, research results, and knowledge. The three-day event featured keynotes from industrial and academic visionaries, technical presentations of cutting-edge research, reports on the user-experience from seasoned practitioners, and hands-on demos of current technology.

Keynote Speakers

Picture of Dr. Peter Zencke Picture of Gerd Wolfram Picture of Hannu Kauppinen Picture of Prof. Haruhisa Ichikawa
Dr. Peter Zencke
Executive Board Member
Dr. Gerd Wolfram
Managing Director
MGI Metro Group
Dr. Hannu Kauppinen
Chief Research Strategist
Nokia Research
Prof. Haruhisa Ichikawa
University of Electro-
Communications Tokyo

Conference Material

Keynotes: View podcasts Proceedings: Available in print and online
Pictures: Go to flickr(*) Adjunct Proceedings: Available as PDF
Slides: Slides of the invited talks are provided in the Industrial Program Overview Conference program: Available as PDF
IOT'08 flyer: Available as PDF

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We would like to thank our sponsors for their financial contribution and all participants for making the IOT 2008 such a great and successful event!


Organized by ETH Zurich, University of St. Gallen, and MIT