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SW1: IIKI 2012:Workshop on Identification, Information and Knowledge on the Internet of Things


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Rongfang Bie, Beijing Normal University, China

Xiuzhen Cheng, The George Washington University, U.S.A

Yunchuan Sun, Beijing Normal University, China

Rob van Kranenburg, Expert Group on IoT for EC, Belgium


The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a promising vision of the future world where the virtual world of information integrates seamlessly with the real world of things. Achieving the advantages of IoT requires the management, integration and utilization of massive and heterogeneous data by means of knowledge-based decision systems, as well as the integration of technologies like RFID, sensor networks, NFC, Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi and WiMAX etc. Knowledge and information play key roles in the automation and intelligence of IoT. The knowledge bases in IoT acquire knowledge from domain experts, as well as knowledge mining tools which can discover rules and models from massive information generated by people and things in the future context of IoT.

This workshop aims at exploring the identification, information and knowledge in IoT. In particular, it intends to investigate identification technology, data management and processing, information extracting and spreading, knowledge management and knowledge sharing, and to study how collaboration and interaction in IoT can be facilitated leveraging the best practices developed in related areas like social computing, social and community intelligence, ubiquitous computing, wireless sensor networks and service oriented computing.


Room No.2         OCT.24  Wednesday     8:30-15:00

8:30-8:40             Welcome and Workshop Opening                    Rongfang Bie

8:40-10:00           Session 1                                                     Session Chair: Rongfang Bie

SW1-1:IPv6 addressing proxy: Mapping native addressing from legacy communication technologies and protocols to IPv6 and the Internet of Things

Antonio J. Jara, Pedro Moreno Sanchez, Antonio F. Gomez Skarmeta, Socrates Varakliotis, Peter Kirstein

SW1-2:EG-tree: Energy Efficient Indexing for Region Aggregation Queries in WSNs

       Jine Tang, ZhangBing Zhou, Jianwei Niu, Jin Liu and Qun Wang

SW1-3:IoT Interoperability Testing: A Successful Experience on CoAP Protocol Testing

       Nanxing CHEN, César VIHO, Anthony BAIRE, Xiaohong HUANG and Jiexi Zha

SW1-4:A Layered RFID Event-Handling Mechanism for Discrete Production Process Monitoring

       Peng SUN, Tianyun SHI, Weijiao ZHANG


10:00-10:30         Coffee Break

10:30-12:00         Session 2                                                     Session Chair: Antonio J. Jara

SW1-5:ONS Code Resolver using Formal Decoding Rule in IoT    

 ppt download here     related information 1  2

       Zhu Zhu, Li Minbo, Chen Guangyu

SW1-6:Construction of simulation platform for supply chain based on the Internet of things

       Li Juntao, Cheng Xiaolin, Lin Gang

SW1-7:Smart Data Processing of Agriculture IoT

       Li Minbo, Chen Guangyu, ZhuZhu

SW1-8:Research on Data Processing Technology Based on the Middleware of the Internet of Things

       Liu Bingwu, Huang Kun, Li Juntao

12:00-13:30         Lunch Break

13:30-15:00         Session 3                                                     Session Chair: Yunchuan Sun

SW1-9:A Posture-based Algorithm for Falls Detection in Real-time

       Shumei Zhang, Paul McCullagh, Chris Nugent, Huiru Zheng

SW1-10:Ethics and IoT: looking back on the early research of Marc Langhein rich

       Rob van Kranenburg

SW1-11:Implementation of Hummingbird-2 Cryptographic Algorithm for Passive RFID Tags

       Min Li, Mengqin Xiao, Lingzhi Fu, Junyu Wang


SW2: EPS 2012: The 1st International Workshop on Engineering Pervasive Service Systems



Weishan Zhang: Department of Software Engineering, China University of Petroleum, China

Klaus Marius Hansen: Department of Computer Science (DIKU), University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Paolo Bellavista: DEIS, Universit di Bologna, Italy


Large Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Services (IoS), Internet of People (IoP) applications are gaining increasing attention recently, where a large number of pervasive devices are deployed. This raises a number of challenges for enabling pervasive services on resource-limited devices in IoT/IoS/IoP applications. The challenges include how to make services running in a scalable way, how to extend the capabilities of pervasive devices by utilizing backend supporting infrastructure like cloud storage and cloud computation facilities, and how to develop various pervasive service in an efficient manner, how to make pervasive services behave more intelligently, and so on. The resolution of these issues needs cross-discipline research from Internet of Things and services, autonomic computing, service-oriented computing, cloud computing, software engineering, pervasive and mobile computing, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and other related fields. The EPS workshop will build a bridge between these related areas.


Room No.2         OCT.24  Wednesday       15:30-17:00

15:30-15:35         opening the EPS 2012                          Weishan Zhang


SW2-1:Towards an Architecture of Knowledge as a Service    

Yuan Rao, Shumin Lu and Jun Dai.

SW2-2:Structure Health Monitoring of Walls by Using Hilbert Transformation and Principal Component Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks

       Hongyang Zhang, Junqi Guo, Xiaobo Xie, Yunchuan Sun and Rongfang Bie

SW2-3:Towards a Comprehensive and Lightweight User State Monitoring System on Android Smartphones

       Weishan Zhang, Xun Wang    ppt download here

SW2-4:Environmental Effect Removal in Vibration-based Structrual Health Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Network

       Xiaobo Xie, Junqi Guo, Hongyang Zhang, Yunchuan Sun and Rongfang Bie

16:55-17:00         close EPS 2012                                     Weishan Zhang



SW3:M2M-CTS'12: International Workshop on M2M Communication Technologies and Systems




Andreas Mueller, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany



Machine-to-machine communication (M2M) will have a fundamental impact on many different industries and businesses and represents a key enabling technology for the emerging Internet of Things and Services (IoTS). By enabling all kinds of smart objects, such as intelligent sensors and actuators, to communicate and interact with each other across different networks and domains, a plethora of new services and applications may be created, thus bearing the potential to create substantial new markets and revolutionize existing ones. In order to fully exploit this potential, a close collaboration is required between academia, the traditional telecom industry as well as other industries that were not so present in this arena in the past, but which will be among the main beneficiaries of M2M and the IoTS in future since they are providing the “Things” for the Internet of Things.

The goal of this workshop is to bring all these players together and to foster a better common understanding, provide valuable networking opportunities and exchange latest research results. The workshop will cover both, technological aspects of machine-to-machine communications as well as possible applications and implementations. It comprises a keynote speech by Dr. Jian Ma – who is one of the leading figures and a distinguished expert in the IoT and communications communities in China and beyond – as well as a world-class panel discussion on "Real-World Challenges and Opportunities for M2M Communication" organized by Dr. Murat Senel, with representatives from Broadcom, Texas Instruments, Energy Micro as well as Bosch. Aside from that, of course, there will be numerous cutting-edge research presentations, with speakers from both academia and industry.


Room No.8         OCT.24  Wednesday       9:00-17:40

9:00 – 10:00        Opening & Keynote

SW3-1:Welcome and Workshop Opening

Andreas Mueller (Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany)

SW3-2:IoT Ecosystem Platform – A New Innovative Model to Accelerate IoTDevelopment(Keynote)

Jian Ma (Wuxi Smart Sensing Stars / Peking University / Beijing University of Posts and Telecommun. / Chinese Institute of Electronics / Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

10:00 – 10:30      Coffee Break

10:30 – 12:00      M2M Technology

SW3-3:An Architecture for the Future Business of Things

Filipe Cabral Pinto, Paulo Chainho, Nuno Pássaro, Fernando Santiago (Portugal Telecom Inovação, Portugal)

Daniel Corujo, Diogo Gomes (University of Aveiro, Portugal)

SW3-4:QoI-Aware Energy Management in Internet-of-Things Sensory Environments (Invited Talk)

Chi (Harold) Liu (IBM Research, China)

SW3-5:Toward Global Standardization of IoT Aspects for Service Continuity in oneM2M

Sunghyup Lee, Kyoungkeun Kim, Youngpil Cho, Gunpyo Jeon, Wongyu Jang (Korea Communications Agency, Korea)

Dohyeun Kim (Jeju National University, Korea)

SW3-6:Facilitating Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication Using GSM Network

Beena Joy Chirayil (Intel Comneon, Germany)

12:00 – 13:30      Lunch Break

13:30 – 15:30      Panel Session

SW3-7:Theme: Real-World Challenges and Opportunities for M2M Communication


Murat Senel (R&D Project Manager, Robert Bosch LLC, U.S.A)

Jeff Baer (Marketing Director Embedded RF, Broadcom, U.S.A)

Jeff Su (Sales Director, Energy Micro, China)

Volker Prueller (Marketing Director Low Power RF, Texas Instruments, Norway)

15:30 – 16:00     Coffee Break

16:00 – 17:30      M2M Applications & Implementation

SW3-8:The Design of Wireless Sensor Network Nodes for Greenhouse Environment Information Acquisition

Lihua Qu (National Engineering Research Center for IT in Agriculture, China / Shanghai Ocean University, China)

Chuanheng Sun (National Eng. Research Center for IT in Agriculture, China)

Ming Chen (Shanghai Ocean University, China)

Xinting Yang, Chao Zhou, Wenyong Li (National Engineering Research Center for IT in Agriculture, China)

SW3-9:Web-Based Smart Home: Architecture and Demonstration

Kun Wei, Wuxiong Zhang, Yang Yang, Zhao Jia (Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Communications, China)

He Huang (UPMC, France)

SW3-10:Scalability in IoT Architecture

Dipashree M. Bhalerao (Sinhgad Technical Education Society, India)

Tahir Riad, Ole B. Madsen, Ramjee Prasad (Aalborg University, Denmark)

SW3-11:A Study about Remote Dynamic Configuration of Sensor Applications

Xi Jiarong (Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore)

17:30 – 17:40      Workshop Closing

Workshop Closing

Andreas Mueller (Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany)



Workshop Chair

Dr. Andreas Mueller

Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany

Andreas Mueller is a Research Staff Member within the Corporate Research Department of Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany. He is actively working on M2M technology with applications in different verticals, including the industrial, building, consumer and healthcare domains. In this regard, he is closely collaborating with experts from various fields and disciplines to make the Internet of Things become reality.

Prior to joining Bosch, Andreas was a Research Staff Member at the Institute of Telecommunications of the University of Stuttgart, Germany, where he was among other things contributing to the further development of the 3GPP Long Term Evolution towards LTE-Advanced. Besides, he was working as a Systems Engineer for Rohde & Schwarz, developing a novel software-defined radio based communication system for the German Armed Forces. Andreas holds a German Diploma degree as well as a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering and a M.Sc. degree in Information Technology, all from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.


Keynote Speech

"IoT Ecosystem Platform -A New Innovative Model to Accelerate IoT Development"

Dr. Jian Ma (Founder & CEO, Wuxi Smart Sensing Stars, China)

Dr. Jian Ma received his Ph.D. degree from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, and his Bachelor and Master degrees from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), China. He is the Executive Dean of the Institute of Engineering of Peking University in Nanjing and the Founder and CEO of Wuxi Smart Sensing Stars, Co. Ltd., China. Jian Ma has been acting as an adjunct professor and Ph.D. advisor at BUPT and the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2002. He had been working for 16 years at the Nokia Research Center, first in Finland and then in Beijing, where he eventually became Principal Scientist and also received Nokia’s outstanding inventor award. Furthermore, he was for some time Chief Scientist of the Wuxi SensingNet Industrialization Research Institute.

Jian Ma is active in several IoT-related professional associations, for example as Vice Director of the IoT Expert Committee at the Chinese Institute of Electronics or as Vice Chair of the Sensor Network Technology Committee of the Chinese Computer Federation. His current interests include the Internet of Things, locationbased services as well as general mobile Internet applications and services. He was granted 47 patents and he has published more than 300 papers in renowned journals and conferences as well as five books or book chapters. Currently, he is also the Editorial Director of the “IoT Technology” book series by China MIP.


Panel Session

Theme: "Real-World Challenges and Opportunities for M2M Communication"

Dr. Murat Senel (Panel Organizer)

R&D Project Manager

Robert Bosch LLC, U.S.A

Murat Senel received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN in 2008 and his B.Sc. degrees in Electrical Eng. and Industrial Eng. (double-major) at Bogazici University, Turkey in 2002. In 2008, he joined Bosch Research & Technology Center and works as R&D Project Manager on wireless M2M applications. His research interests are in the area of low-power wireless communications. In particular, he is interested in connecting wireless sensor networks to the Internet.


Jeff Baer

Marketing Director Embedded RF

Broadcom, U.S.A

Jeff Baer joined Broadcom in 2004, and successfully pioneered Broadcom’s entry into the rapidly growing embedded WLAN market. In 2008, Jeff assumed Business Development responsibility for the Asia-Pacific region for Broadcom’s “mobility” WLAN and WLAN+Bluetooth “combo” devices that target smartphones and tablets (now Broadcom’s #1 line of business). In support of this position, he relocated to Tokyo as Director of Business Development, where he spent a total of 3 years. Upon his return to the US, he resumed responsibility for driving Broadcom’s push into the so-called ‘internet of things’ as Marketing Director for embedded RF technology.

Jeff has over 25 years of engineering, applications engineering, and marketing experience, with primary focus on embedded system CPUs and networking connectivity, including 13 years with National Semiconductor. He was the founding Representative Director of QNX Software Systems KK (now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Research in Motion). Jeff holds two BAs and an MS from the University of California at Santa Cruz, with majors in Computer and Information Sciences and Applied Economics. He also earned his MBA from the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley.


Jeff Su

Sales Director

Energy Micro, China

Jeff Su joined Energy Micro in March 2011 as the sales director in Greater China. Before Energy Micro, he worked for Wintek Electronic for 12 years, which is a very competitive distributor in Asia in terms of revenue and sales force. In the past 10 years, he has been focusing on selling MCUs to different kinds of low power applications, such as battery-powered metering and so on.


Volker Prueller

Marketing Director Low Power RF

Texas Instruments, Norway

Volker joined Texas Instruments in 1999 on the European Graduate Program with different responsibilities in the product marketing area in TI’s Semiconductor Group, including an assignment in the Wireless Terminals Business Unit in France and in the worldwide MSP430 marketing organization in Dallas, Texas. In 2001, he joined the MSP430 group in Freising, Germany, as product marketing engineer. In July 2007, Volker took the lead of the combined MSP430 and Low Power Wireless business development activities in EMEA and from January to September 2009 he was managing all MCU and Low Power RF marketing activities in EMEA. In September 2009, Volker moved to Oslo, Norway, where he is heading the worldwide marketing activities for the Low Power RF group of Texas Instruments’ Wireless business.

Volker holds a Master’s level degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. He is married and has two children.


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