Hosting the IoT Conference

[2024-05-29] We are currently soliciting bids to host IoT 2025 and 2026. See below for detailed information on what to submit where and when!

The International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT) is an annual event that takes place on various continents.

The inaugural edition of the conference was held 2008 in Zurich. The conference was initially biennial, i.e., held only every two years. After four such editions (IoT 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014), it switched to an annual format.

If you are interested in hosting an upcoming conference (see the table below for the years we are seeking bids for, and for the deadlines), please submit a single PDF with the following information (roughly following the structure below). Note that each section can be as short as a single page.

  1. Summary
    • hosts & their experience
    • key bid features
  2. The location
    • City/country, host organization (e.g., University)
  3. Proposed dates and format
    • Possible conference dates (use prior years as guide)
    • Planned format (e.g., tracks, days of the week, workshops/posters, etc)
    • Other (e.g., potential co-location opportunities)
  4. Conference venue(s)
    • Detailed information about venue option(s), e.g., size, # rooms, availability, costs…
  5. Travel information
    • Rail travel, air travel from major countries/cities, in particular with view towards IoT community
    • Possible list of close-by key research groups/institutions
    • Accommodation options (hotels, hostels), e.g., costs, distance to venue
  6. Organizers
    • Short bio of proposers/organizers (General Chairs / Local Chairs)
    • Note: no need to propose PC chairs – this will be decided jointly with Steering Committee after bid has been confirmed…
    • Possible support letters (e.g., from city, university)
  7. Planned Budget / Rates
    • Expected registration costs, comparison to previous years
    • Expected # of participants (student participants, ACM members, non-members)
    • Short budget calculation (incl. expenses for room rental, AV rental, food, publishing, etc)
    • Sponsorship plan (if applicable)

Please send your proposal as an attachment, or alternatively as a link to a cloud-hosted file (if too large for email) to the chair of the conference steering committee. You can find the current chair listed on the Conference Steering Committee page.

If you are flexible as to which year to host (i.e., in the next year, or even two years in the future) please indicate this in your proposal. This also implies that we are happy to receive your proposal early.

YearHost Venue
2026Please submit your bid to host by June 30, 2025
2025Please submit your bid to host by June 30, 2024
2024Oulu, Finland
2023Nagoya, Japan
2022Delft, The Netherlands
2021St. Gallen, Switzerland
2020Virtual Conference (organized by Malmö University, Sweden)
2019Bilbao, Spain
2018Santa Barbara, USA
2017Linz, Austria
2016Stuttgart, Germany
2015Seoul, Korea
2014Cambridge, USA
2012Wuxi, China
2010Tokio, Japan
2008Zurich, Switzerland