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Accepted Videos

Video authors will introduce their work during the "One Minute Madness" slot from 10:40 to 11:40 on November 30. This slot will provide each poster, demo and video author with one minute of time in the Opening Plenary.

The Conference also includes an exclusive "Visit Poster, Demo, Video and Exhibits" slot from 13:30 to 14:30 following lunch on December 1. In the Closing Plenary, the best poster, the best demo and the best video will be awarded based on evaluation from the Program Committee and general participants.

The following 6 submissions have been accepted for viewing on site Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

Invited Video :
"Sensing Room: Environment to Measure Natural Human Behavior using Embedded Massive Sensors"

Hiroshi Noguchi, Taketoshi Mori and Tomomasa Sato (The University of Tokyo)
project homepage

AIDA: Visualizing the Potential of a Predictive In-car Recommendation System
Mauro Martino, Giusy Di Lorenzo, Kristian Kloeckl, Jennifer Dunnam, E Roon Kang, Carlo Ratti (Senseable City Lab, MIT)

A MVC Prototype for the landmarke Firefighter Navigation System
Markus Scholz, Philipp Scholl, Mathias Busse, Matthias Stoetzer, Matthias Budde, Dimana Shishkova, Till Riedel and Michael Beigl (Karlsruhe Institute Of Technology)
Leonardo Ramirez, Sebastian Denef, Matthias Betz, Tobias Dyrks (Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology and University of Siegen)

Mobile, Locative and Collaborative Distributed Games using Pervasive Technologies
Orestis Akribopoulos, Marios Logaras, Panagiotis Kokkinos, Irene Mavrommati, Georgios Mylonas, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis (Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (RACTI))

LBS Manager: A Framework for Providing and Analyzing Location-Based Services
Aria Iwasawa, Yuka Naito, Shusuke Morimoto, Yasutoshi Makino, and Naohiko Kohtake (Keio University)

XPlaces: An Open Framework for Shared Activity Spaces
Gavino Paddeu, Massimo Deriu (Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia)
Daniele Ard, Simone Kalb, Gian Maria Simbula, Selene Uras (Sardegna Ricerche)

Call for Videos

The "Internet of Things (IoT)" disrupts with the today's Internet limitations of human-entered data: technologies like RFID, short-range wireless communications, real-time localization, sensor networks, and smart phones empower computers to perceive the world for themselves. Videos are an effective tool to showcase latest developers to a broad audience. We call for videos that that pick out the interlinking of physical world and cyberspace as a central theme to inspire other researchers and to educate the general public. 
Submitted draft version videos should be 2 to 5 minutes long and easily comprehensible without requiring the viewer to read the abstract. Besides technical soundness, videos will be primarily judged on their ability to communicate interesting research content. A video can be submitted as a supplement to a short paper or as standalone including an extended abstract no longer than two A4 pages in the "IEEE Transactions" format. For submission videos should be uploaded to .
We recommend that the uploaded videos should be viewable at a 480p-720p HD resolution. The URL to the video should then be submitted together with an accompanying abstract and a high resolution picture to video chairs via Email and submission site.
Videos will be shown as part of the main IoT 2010 program on November 30th and December 1st and to a general audience via youtube. In the IoT website (, we will create links Accepted videos will be further distributed to attendees of the conference as adjunct proceeding on a USB stick or DVD. Accepted authors are required to register the IoT conference.

Video Chairs:
Masayuki Iwai, the University of Tokyo, Japan
Till Riedel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Important Dates:
* September 10th, 2010: Submissions deadline of draft version videos
* September 26th, 2010: Acceptance notification
* October 10th 2010: Deadline of Camera-ready version videos (reupload files on youtube)

Submission site: