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Oct 25, 2017
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Falko Dressler
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Art Projects

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Deep Space
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1 The following Poster & Demo Session and the evening program will be hosted by the ARS Electronica Center (AEC). Individual Transfer to the Ars Electronica Center: Tram line 1 or 2 from station “JKU” to station “Rudolfstraße” (approx. 15 min). From the tram stop “Rudolfstraße” you already see the AEC. Please use the pedestrian underpass to cross the street, exit Ars Electronica Center and meet us in the main entrance hall. More details in the transfer plan.

2 The Conference Dinner will be hosted at the Caseli Guest House of the voestalpine. Busses will take all conference participants from two departure points to the dinner, taking off at 19:00 from JKU Campus and Linz Main Square (Hauptplatz). Please be at the departure points a few minutes in advance and take your DINNER TICKET with you. Return busses at 22:00 and 23:00

Session 1: Applications

Solar Energy Prediction for Constrained IoT Nodes based on Public Weather Forecasts
Frank Alexander Kraemer, Doreid Ammar, Anders Eivind Braten, Nattachart Tamkttikhun, David Palma

IEC 61850 meets CoAP: Towards the integration of Smart Grids and IoT standards
Markel Iglesias-Urkia, Aitor Urbieta, Diego Casado-Mansilla, Jorge Parra

Inter-Zone Interference Avoidance Using Channel Reservation in Multiple Subcarrier Multiple Access Scheme
Masahiro Otani, Tomoaki Matsuda, Nitish Rajoria, Jin Mitsugi, Haruhisa Ichikawa, Yuusuke Kawakita

Session 2: Data Modeling, Filtering, Fusion

A Two-Level Hidden Markov Model for Characterizing Data Traffic from Vehicles
Yuhong Li, Xiaoyu Hao, Han Zheng, Xiang Su, Jukka Riekki, Chao Sun, Hanyu Wei, Hao Wang, Lei Han

A Multi-tier Data Reduction Mechanism for IoT Sensors
Liang Feng, Pranvera Kortoçi, Yong Liu

A Hybrid Approach for Data Analytics for Internet of Things
Badraddin Alturki, Stephan Reiff-Marganiec, Charith Perera

Session 3: Digital Twins

Intuitive Interaction with Semantics using Augmented Reality – a Case Study of Workforce Management in an Industrial Setting
Iori Mizutani, Mareike Kritzler, Kimberly Garcia, Florian Michahelles

AmbientVR: Blending IoT Interaction Capabilities with Web-based Virtual Reality
Shivam Verma, Darren Carlson, David S. Rosenblum

A Visual Programming Approach based on Domain Ontologies for Configuring Industrial IoT Installations
Matúš Tomlein, Kaj Grønbæk

Session 4: Service Composition

Recipes for IoT Applications
Aparna Saisree Thuluva, Arne Bröring, Ganindu Prabhashana Medagoda Hettige Don, Jan Seeger, Darko Anicic

A framework for MDE of IoT-Based Manufacturing Cyber-Physical Systems
Kleanthis Thramboulidis, Panagiotis Bochalis, John Bouloubasis

Calculating LWM2M Resource Semantic Distance through SENACT Ontology
Maria Ines Robles, Edgar Ramos, Nicklas Beijar, Nanjangud Narendra

Session 5: Privacy & Trust

Providing Privacy, Safety, and Security in IoT-Based Transactive Energy Systems using Distributed Ledgers
Aron Laszka, Abhishek Dubey, Michael Walker, Douglas Schmidt

IoT Data Privacy via Blockchains and IPFS
Muhammad Salek Ali, Koustabh Dolui, Fabio Antonelli

Mind My Value: a Decentralized Infrastructure for Fair and Trusted IoT Data Trading
Paolo Missier, Shaimaa Bajoudah, Angelo Capossele, Andrea Gaglione, Michele Nati

Session 6: IoT Architecture

Challenges for SMEs Entering the IoT World – Success is about so Much More than Technology
Stina Nylander, Anders Wallberg, Pär Hansson

The Role of Autonomous Aggregators in IoT Multi-core Systems
Basil Nikolopoulos, Alexandros Dimopoulos, Mara Nikolaidou, George Dimitrakopoulos, Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos

A Novel Service-Oriented Platform for the Internet of Things
Hyunjae Lee, Eunjin Jeong, Donghyun Kang, Jinmyeong Kim, Soonhoi Ha

Session 7: Human Factors

HoloCollab: A Shared Virtual Platform for Physical Assembly Training using Spatially-Aware Head-Mounted Displays
Markus Funk, Mareike Kritzler, Florian Michahelles

InTeach: Enhanced Personal e-Learning with Tabletop Telepresence
Hiroaki Tobita, Shiori Numanoi

Getting Through – Modality Selection in a Multi-Sensor-Actuator Industrial IoT Environment
Michael Haslgrübler, Peter Fritz, Benedikt Gollan, Alois Ferscha

Industry 4.0 Pro2Future Panel

Moderator: Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis (JKU Linz)

Panelists: Christoph Mayr-Dorn (JKU Linz), Simon Mayer (TU Graz, Pro2Future), Stefan Thalmann (TU Graz, Pro2Future), Heimo Theuretzbacher-Fritz (Pro2Future)

Accepted Art Projects

Design of a smart helmet
Lena Hottner, Elke Bachlmair, Mario Zeppetzauer, Christian Wirth, Alois Ferscha

Embodisuit: A Wearable Platform for Embodied Knowledge
Sophia Brueckner, Rachel Freire

log files. stories from the internet of things. A design research approach to future machine-man communication
Tina Frank, Marianne Puehrerfellner, Barbara von Rechbach, David Lechner

OCnP – Open Culture and People
Laurenz Dallinger

Accepted Demos

Empowering Connected Road Vehicles to Learn Parking Situations based on Optical Sensor Measurements
Markus Hiesmair, Karin Anna Hummel

HoloInteractions: Visualizing Interactions between Autonomous Cognitive Machines
Simon Mayer, Florian Michahelles

Towards Cognitive Device Management: A Testbed to Explore Autonomy for Constrained IoT Devices
Anders Eivind Braten, Nattachart Tamkittikhun, Frank Alexander Kraemer, Doreid Ammar

Accepted Posters

A Secure, Privacy-Preserving IoT Middleware Using Intel SGX
Pascal Gremaud, Arnaud Durand, Jacques Pasquier

Advanced Remote Debugging of LoRa-enabled IoT Sensor Nodes
Albert Poetsch, Florian Haslhofer, Andreas Springer

An Ambient RF Energy Harvesting and Backscatter Modulating Tag System Enabling Zero-power Wireless Data Communication
Young-Han Kim, Hyun-Seok Ahn, Changseok Yoon, Yongseok Lim, Seung-ok Lim

CharIoT: An end-user programming environment for the IoT
Matus Tomlein, Sudershan Ragavan, Yuvraj Agarwal, Anind Dey

Contour-Guided Gaze Gestures: Eye-based Interaction with Everyday Objects and IoT Devices
Florian Jungwirth, Michael Haslgruebler, Alois Ferscha

Decentralized Web of Trust and Authentication for the Internet of Things
Arnaud Durand, Pascal Gremaud, Jacques Pasquier

Enabling smart waste management with sensorized garbage bins and low power data communications network
Petr Fedchenkov, Arkady Zaslavsky, Inna Sosunova

Enhancing workplace learning by augmented reality
Bernhard Mandl, Marius Stehling, Thomas Schmiedinger, Martin Adam

Gazor: A gaze aware Industrial IoT-based Instructor
Michael Haslgruebler, Michaela Murauer, Alois Ferscha

HoloLens is more than Air Tap: Natural and Intuitive Interaction with Holograms
Markus Funk, Mareike Kritzler, Florian Michahelles

HybridNET Management and Sensor Data Acquisition System
Svetozar Ilchev, Rumen Andreev, Zlatoliliya Ilcheva

Interacting with Paintings using IoTtalk
Chung-Yun Hsiao, Li-Kuan Chen, Yi-Bing Lin

MinIAttention: Attention Management in Minimal Invasive Surgery using an IoT Synchronization Approach
Bernhard Anzengruber, Nina Hochedlinger, Michael Matscheko, Alois Ferscha, Andreas Shamiyeh, Bettina Klugsberger, Gamze Demireli

Natural Pursuit Calibration: Using Motion Trajectories for Unobtrusive Calibration of Mobile Eye Trackers
Michaela Murauer, Michael Haslgrübler, Alois Ferscha

Role-based Ontology-driven Knowledge Representation for IoT-enabled Waste Management
Inna Sosunova, Arkady Zaslavsky, Petr Fedchenkov

SDR processing delay estimation applying correlation detection for Structure Health Monitoring using Multi-subcarrier Multiple Access
Tatsuki Fujiwara, Yohei Nakano, Jin Mitsugi, Haruhisa Ichikawa, Yuusuke Kawakita

The Virtual Twin: Controlling Smart Factories using a spatially-correct Augmented Reality Representation
Mareike Kritzler, Markus Funk, Florian Michahelles, Wolfgang Rohde


Paper presentations should be 15 min. long, additional 5 min. are reserved for Q&A. Presentations will be run from individual machines.