Call for Workshop Proposals

Workshops collocated with the 8th International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT 2018) are opportunities to strengthen communities of researchers and practitioners working in specific topics related to the IoT. These events foster the exchange of new ideas, ongoing work, and latests results, in established or emerging sub-domains of interest. They are opportunities for IoT pioneers and practitioners in industry to share hands-on experience with IoT systems (use cases, deployments, architectures, etc.), and for researchers to present and receive feedback on early research result.

We invite submission of half-day workshop proposals, with a clearly defined scope that falls in the general topics of the conference. We also encourage the submission of workshops that follow alternative formats such as hackathons, plugfests, demo jams, or breakout sessions.

Review Criteria

A limited number of workshop proposals will be accepted to IoT 2018. Each proposal will be evaluated based on the quality of the proposal, and its appeal to the IoT community. In particular, the proposals should demonstrate the following:

  • the workshops topics fall in the general scope of IoT2018
  • there is a clear identity and a focus on a specific problem or technology
  • there is an existing community of researchers and practitioners that are susceptible to contribute to this event
  • the organization and format are appealing for potential contributors and participants

In case overlapping workshops are proposed, the Workshop Chairs may contact the organisers to discuss the possibility of merging workshops. The organisers of accepted workshops will be responsible for their own reviewing process and publicity (e.g., website, timelines and call for papers).

Workshop Proposals

Submissions should be submitted no later than May 31, 2018 via EasyChair as a 200 words abstract, along with a single PDF file of 4 pages maximum, containing the following section:

  • Title, acronym, potentially logo
  • Topics of interest covered by the workshop
  • Motivation: Why is the topic of particular interest to a reasonable fraction of the  IoT community? If applicable, a brief discussion of the workshop’s history (experiences, number of submissions and attendees, etc.).
  • Organization and Format: Description of the intended organization, selection process for the contributors, and schedule of the event.
  • Community: Evidence that there is an existing community of researchers and practitioners that are susceptible to contribute to this event. References to work relating to the core topic of the workshop that are not only co-authored by the organizers.
  • Chairs: Name, affiliation, email address, homepage and short biography of each chair, explaining the chair’s expertise for the workshop
  • Program Committee: Names and affiliations of potential PC members, half of the potential PC members should have confirmed at the time of submission.

All workshop participants will be required to register for the full conference as well. Workshop organizers will receive one complimentary conference ticket for one organizer or one workshop participant. At the discretion of the chairs, workshops may be cancelled if organisers have not registered in a timely manner or if a workshop has received too few submissions.