Workshop on Open Data Standards

Monday 6th October, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Without open standards for data exchange, IoT development will be wrought with duplicated efforts and isolated development. The open data standards workshop will bring together professionals from diverse industries from green energy and oil services to national weather data services and fisheries all of whom will speak on one common theme – how in their experience the availability of open data standards for information exchange has benefited their individual industry segment. The theme of the workshop showcases how open data standards foster the intra and inter industry connectivity that will help drive the growth of IoT.

Name Affiliation Title
Joshua Siegel MIT Field Intelligence Lab & CarKnow LLC Driving Big Data: How ‘Open’ Connects Cars
Jonathan Clark Sine-Wave Technologies Inc Driving Value by Open Data in the IoT
Spencer Russell MIT Media Lab Responsive Environments Group Applying Web Standards to the Internet of Things
Brendan McSheffrey en-Gauge Inc How Open Standards Have Helped The Sensor Industry Grow

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