Title Authors Affiliations
6Lo Bluetooth Low Energy for Patient-Centric Healthcare Service on the Internet of Things Wondeuk Yoon, Minkeun Ha, Kiwoong Kwon, and Daeyoung Kim KAIST, Korea
Location-based and Private IoT Messaging platform in Home Network Environments Hyeong Gon Jo, Seolyoung Jeong, Sunghee Lee, Soon Ju Kang Kyungpook National University, Korea
Low-Cost Intelligent Prepaid Energy Meter Rishikanth C, Akshaya Ravishankar, Anand Vignesh V, S Vikram Vel, Vineeth Vijayaraghavan, Dhiwaakar Purusothaman S R R Solarillion Foundation/Solarillion Foundation/Shree Motilal Kannhayalal Fomra Institute of Technology, India
Computing Cloud or Cloud Computing? Stanislav Bratanov Intel, Russian Federation
Trustworthy and Secure Service-Oriented Architecture for the Internet of Things Ahmad W. Atamli, Andrew J. Paverd, Andrew P. Martin University of Oxford, UK
Bigdata based Approach to Internet of Things in Agriculture Meonghun Lee, Hyun Yoe Sunchon National University, Korea
An approach to enable real-time stream data processing with EPCglobal based Internet of Things Tuan Dinh Le, Seonghoon Kim, Janggwan Im, Minh Hoang Nguyen, Sehyeon Heo, Sungpil Woo, Daeyoung Kim KAIST, Korea
A Novel Solution to Link Physical Products with Digital Services Runhua Xu, Remo Frey and Alexander Ilic ETH Zurich/University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Making Security Available for Everyone – Towards a Community-Based Smart Home Security System Marcus Köhler, Felix Wortmann University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Enabling Mobile-IoT Driven Marketing with High Resolution Analytic Models Edward Ho, Alexander Ilic ETH Zurich/University of St. Gallen, Switzerland