In addition to the technical academic tracks, the following workshops are held in the context of the conference. Participation is free of charge for conference attendees.

Workshop on IoT Apps and Value Creation for Industry

IoT is a wide and rapidly developing area with expected strong and growing implications for the industry. Numerous IoT research and application projects have been done by universities or in joint industry-university consortia in recent years. However an important question is on value creation for industry. IoT applications in the sense of this industry workshop are solutions using IoT technologies to improve industrial manufacturing processes, enable new and efficient ways to do operate production plants, create new service or supervision means for industrial installations, offer an optimized infrastructure, reduce operational cost or improve human safety in industrial areas. Learn more

Workshop on Industrial IoT

In a recent TED lecture, GE economist Marco Annunziata noted that in the next decade the U.S. GDP will double from the growth in what is known as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT refers to smart machines with pervasive sensing, networked to the Cloud, and is distinct from M2M communication. It deals with connectivity in industrial networks, warehousing infrastructure and building systems to enable the delivery of software services, data analytics and autonomous control from the Cloud. Read more

Workshop on Web of Things

Continuing the successful Web of Things workshop series, this workshop aims at further exploring the use of technologies and principles at the core of the Web to provide methods for a seamless integration of physical devices. In particular, our goal is to foster discussion on systems towards a real-time Web of Things and the discovery, search, and composition of services provided by Web-enabled things as well as the interaction of users with such devices. The Web of Things workshop solicits contributions in all areas related to the Web of Things, and we invite application designers to think beyond sensor networks and Web applications, and to imagine, design, build, evaluate and share their thoughts and visions on what the future of the Web and networked devices will be. Learn more

Workshop on Privacy, Trust, and the Internet of Things

With this workshop we aim to draw together academics and professionals of all disciplines and backgrounds to discuss the key problems of privacy and trust in the IoT, and explore methodologies, technologies and tools for addressing them. We seek contributions that highlight/discuss challenges in IoT and solutions that may benefit from knowledge driven approaches. Learn more

IoT Thought Leaders Panel

The term Internet of Things was coined by the Auto-ID Center in 1999. Since then, many things have changed and several organizations consider now the Internet of Things an important part of their strategy. Research around the Internet of Things evolved significantly and there are several terms to express different perspectives on the bigger idea of the Internet of Things such as Cyber-Physical Systems, Industrial Internet, Internet of Everything, Industry 4.0, Web of Things, Web 3.0, M2M, Internet of Objects, etc.
But why hasn’t the Internet of Things as envisioned happened yet? After more than 15 years of hype and predictions, what can we learn from the past? How would the future for the whole concept of the Internet of Things look like? And what would it take to go beyond demonstrations and isolated use cases?
These questions and more related to the bigger vision on the IoT will be discussed by leading heads from academia and industry in a panel session. Read More

Workshop on Open Data Standards

Without open standards for data exchange, IoT development will be wrought with duplicated efforts and isolated development. The open data standards workshop will bring together professionals from diverse industries from green energy and oil services to national weather data services and fisheries all of whom will speak on one common theme – how in their experience the availability of open data standards for information exchange has benefited their individual industry segment. The theme of the workshop showcases how open data standards foster the intra and inter industry connectivity that will help drive the growth of IoT. Read more

EU/US Workshop: Promoting Global IoT Success Stories

Analysts predict that new Internet of Things (IoT) products and services will grow exponentially in the next years. There are more and more reports giving evidence on the growing importance of the role internet of things will play driving our future smart lives (in transport, energy, health, environment, cities). Additionally, many SMEs and large market stakeholders are working on Internet of things and expected applications as bringing promising booming businesses. Read more