Workshop on Industrial Internet of Things (‘IIoT’)

7-th of October from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm

In a recent TED lecture, GE economist Marco Annunziata noted that in the next decade the U.S. GDP will double from the growth in what is known as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT refers to smart machines with pervasive sensing, networked to the Cloud, and is distinct from M2M communication. It deals with connectivity in industrial networks, warehousing infrastructure and building systems to enable the delivery of software services, data analytics and autonomous control from the Cloud.

Simple pilot projects implemented in the industry over the last five years have demonstrated both the viability and economic impact of IIoT in verticals such as logistics and healthcare. What will be needed to bring forth a more ubiquitous transformation of our industrial infrastructure is a period of technological innovation pioneered by academia and industry. The purpose of the proposed Workshop is to lay the groundwork for accelerating advances in IIoT technologies. To maximize its impact, the Workshop will be organized into three focus areas: (i) tutorial talks that provide a balanced view of history and where the field of IIoT is at present, (ii) presentations that review ongoing research in IIoT, and (iii) visionary lectures that discuss challenges and predict future technology inflection points for industrial infrastructure.

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  • Venkat Shastri
  • Chief Industry Advisor
  • PCN Technology, Inc.