IoT Applications & Value Creation for Industry

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Tuesday the 7-th of October 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM

IoT is a wide and rapidly developing area with expected strong and growing implications for the industry. Numerous IoT research and application projects have been done by universities or in joint industry-university consortia in recent years. However an important question is on value creation for industry. IoT applications in the sense of this industry workshop are solutions using IoT technologies to improve industrial manufacturing processes, enable new and efficient ways to do operate production plants, create new service or supervision means for industrial installations, offer an optimized infrastructure, reduce operational cost or improve human safety in industrial areas.

From an industry point of view value creation form IoT applications and sustainability are essential. How these problems will be addressed and solved will influence the use of IoT technologies in the industry, on a larger scale, in the coming years.

The workshops intents to bring together experts from around the world to discuss and stimulate ideas, share experience on IoT applications and value creation for industry and to address and highlight with priority two major topics:

  1. IoT in industry: challenges, trends, experience
  2. IoT creating value in industrial applications

The workshop is intended to contribute to an IoT supported paradigm change in manufacturing, industrial service and over life sustainable industrial activities.

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Survey on IoT applications

We are currently running a survey to collect your opinions and experience regarding IoT applications, challenges, outlook and obtaining value from such solutions. The results will be addressed during final discussions at the industry workshop. You can find it here:


  • Dr. Ing. N. L. Fantana
  • Dr. T. Riedel KIT