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The IoT 2021 Conference will be held this year in Switzerland, a country known for its chocolates and cheeses. The Institute of Computer Science at the University of St.Gallen and the city of St.Gallen are looking forward to returning to in-person engagements with the IoT academic and industrial community in a new-normal style (thanks to the gradually reducing COVID-19 restrictions). During selected coffee breaks, we are planning to create hybrid networking options to allow the mingling of offline and online participants at the conference. If you choose to participate physically, St.Gallen will not disappoint you. The city of St. Gallen is located around 20 kilometers west of Lake Constance, with the Appenzell Alps to the south, and its Abbey was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 1983. We’re around 50 kilometers away from Zurich Airport and reachable by railway (every 20 minutes) or automobile. Join us during the conference for some delightful swims in Lake Constance, famed local Bratwurst sausages, and hikes through the gorgeous Appenzell valleys. We are cheering for your participation!

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