In the afternoon (14:00 to 17:00) of October 6, an online Industry Day event is organized, showcasing the state-of-industry interest, services and products within the IoT domain. As part of one the most expansive geographical regions in Europe associated with IoT, the event will include a large number of internationally recognized as well as emerging commercial actors.

The expected audience will be a mix of international researchers (largely from computer science, software engineering and interaction design) and industry representatives working primarily with product development of novel IoT technology, ranging from network and infrastructure, to sensors, devices and software service development. However, we also welcome audience with broader interests in the area, as there will be the chance to ask questions to speakers as well as interact with those demonstrating their IoT solutions.

The industry day is organized and co-funded by the Internet of Things and People research center at Malmö University, Mobile Heights, Media Evolution, and the Digital Innovation Hub.

Session 1: Infrastructure and connectivity for IoT (Zoom room). The session runs 14:00-15:00, and aside from the keynote talk, also includes a brief 1-3 min flash presentation of each of the demos that will run after the coffee break.

Speaker: Anna Larmo (Principal Researcher at Ericsson, Helsinki)

Demos: Industry partner solutions. These are run in parallel, and each demo is run twice so the audience that misses the first demo has a second chance. The first demo slot is 15:15-15:35, and the second demo slot is 15:40-16:00.

Demo 1 (Zoom room): Nimway (smart office). Magnus Persson, Head of Product and Research, Sony Network Communications Europe.
Demo 2 (Zoom room): mSafety (remote monitoring). Anders Strömberg, Head of Wearable Platform Division, Sony Network Communications Europe.
Demo 3a (Zoom room): 15:15-15:35 Visilion Logistics (outdoor tracking). Evelina Palm, Sales Manager, Sony Network Communications Europe.
Demo 3b (Zoom room): 15:40-16:00 Visilion Healthcare (indoor tracking). Malin Isacsson, Business Solution Manager, Sony Network Communications Europe.
Demo 4 (Zoom room): Crazyflie (quadcopter). Kimberly McGuire, PhD, Research & Development, BitCraze.
Demo 5 (Zoom room): Yggio (IoT platform). Håkan Lundström, Project Management, Sensative.
Demo 6 (Zoom room): EL-Kretsen. Jonas Tillström, Senior Business Intelligence Enterprise Architect & Business Area Manager Digital Services at Sigma Technology Solutions.
Demo 7 (Zoom room): Acconeer (radar sensor). Magnus Gerward, Business Development Director, Acconeer.
Demo 8 (Zoom room): Snubblometer (fall prevention). Helmuth Kristen, Partner and CEO, Infonomy.

Session 2: Experience reports from IoT development and deployment (Zoom room). Challenges and success factors in moving from idea to realized IoT solution. The session runs 16:00-17:00 and aside from two keynote talks, ends with closing words and thanks for the day from the organizers.

Topic 1: User experience design for IoT
Speaker: Bilgi Karan (User Experience Leader at Inter IKEA Group, Malmö)

Topic 2: Security and integrity for IoT
Speaker: Peter Kembro (Head of Business Unit IoT Solutions at Sigma Connectivity, Lund)

While the conference as a whole is of more technical nature, it invites researchers and participants that also embrace the more human-centric side of IoT such as user interaction reports from IoT and applications of IoT in practice. Industrial partners are welcome to attend the whole conference, i.e. there is no specific registration or restriction for the Industry Day event.

We hope the conference as a whole, as well as the industry day in particular, will be an appreciated opportunity to engage with other actors from industry as well as academia.

Industrial Chairs
Carl Magnus Olsson (Internet of Things and People research center at Malmö University)
Ola Svedin (Mobile Heights)

Alma Sandberg (DigIT Hub)
Molly Löfqvist (Mobile Heights)
Alexander Jönsson (Media Evolution)
Anja Bohlin (Media Evolution)
Cecilia Frankel (Media Evolution)
Anja Bohlin (Media Evolution)