October 6-9, the Internet of Things and People (IOTAP) Research Center at Malmö University are hosting the 10th International Conference on Internet of Things as an online conference, given the pandemic. The conference as a whole is of more technical nature, but invites researchers and participants that also embrace the softer side of IoT such as human interaction reports from use of IoT and applications of IoT in practice. As part of this event, October 6 will include an Industry Day with two sessions for invited speakers from industry, and demo sessions between the speaker sessions. The industry day is organized by IOTAP, Mobile Heights and Media Evolution, and strives to showcase the maturity of the local and regional actors within IoT in an effort to place this part of Sweden as a state-of-the-art example of IoT research and development.

The two sessions for invited talks will be:

(1) AI for IoT. This may e.g. include applied use of federated learning, deep learning, and other specific approaches to AI particularly relevant for IoT technology.

(2) Experience reports from IoT development and deployment (i.e. challenges and success factors). This may e.g. include UX design for IoT, novel sensors and infrastructure for IoT, and designing for privacy, integrity and security.

Demos may be from any area of IoT, e.g. novel sensors, IoT platforms, or state-of-the-art solutions either on the market or soon-available (1-3 years).

The present focus of the organizing group is to identify a shortlist of potential speakers and demo candidates. The expected audience will be a mix of international researchers (largely from computer science, software engineering and interaction design) and industry representatives working primarily with product development of novel IoT technology, ranging from network and infrastructure, to sensors, devices and software service development. However, we welcome audience with broader interests in the area, as there will be the chance to ask questions to speakers as well as interact with those demonstrating their IoT solutions. Experience presenting for an audience with a mix or research and industry relevance from a research and development perspective is prioritized for invited speakers, while demonstrations may be of a broader nature as SMEs play such a large role in placing innovative new solutions on map both in terms of development and use of novel IoT devices.

We hope the conference as a whole, as well as the industry day in particular, will be an appreciated opportunity to engage with other actors from industry as well as academia.

If you have suggested names and topics for either of the two sessions for invited speakers, or for the demonstrations, please reach out to us and we will do our best to put together an industry day that will surpass all expectations! Details are expected to be finalized in September.

Industrial Chairs: Carl Magnus Olsson (IOTAP) and Ola Svedin (Mobile Heights)

Co-organizers: Molly Löfqvist (Mobile Heights), Alexander Jönsson (Media Evolution), Cecilia Frankel (Media Evolution), Anja Bohlin (Media Evolution)