Please make sure you understand and agree with the following terms & conditions:

  • At least one author of each accepted paper or invited poster needs to purchase a “FULL Registration.
  • Student and ACM-member registration require proof of status upon request.
  • The registration for participation at the IoT conference is binding. Should you cancel your registration up to 30 days before the start of the event, we will refund 50 (%) percent of the fees. In all other cases, your financial obligations remain in effect.
  • In exceptional cases, you may designate a person to attend the conference in your place. If you wish to use this option, you must inform us by e-mail.
  • The registration fee is due immediately upon registration. A right to participate exists only after receipt of the full registration fee.
  • The conference program is subject to change.
  • In case of cancellation of the conference, your payments will be refunded. The organiser has no further obligations towards the participant.
  • We will collect media content (video & pictures) during IoT 2022 that will be posted on IoT 2022 social media accounts and will be used for project-related dissemination. If you do not wish to appear in this content, please contact us at
  • A physical conference will be possible ONLY if the Dutch health regulations permit. The conference website will be updated if and when details become available.

Privacy Policy

Your personal data will only be used for collecting and processing your payments, registration, and preferences at the IoT 2022 conference.