Best Paper Award

Title : Secure and Low-Power Authentication for Resource-Constrained Devices
Author : Mohit Sethi, Pranvera Kortoçi, Mario Di Francesco, and Tuomas Aura

Best Student Paper Award

Title : IoT Mashup Application Platform for the Flexible IoT Ecosystem
Author : Sehyeon Heo, Sungpil Woo, Janggwan Im, and Daeyoung Kim

Best Demo Award

Title : A Visual Design Toolset for Drag-and-drop Smart Space Configuration
Author : Darren Carlson, Matthias Mogerle, Max Pagel, Shivam Verma, and David S. Rosenblum

Best Poster Award

Title : Car as a Sensor
Author : Andre Dahlinger, Benjamin Ryder, and Felix Wortmann