IoT Applications value creation for industry

IoT is bringing and promising important changes in our lives and in the industrial environment. Numerous IoT research and application projects have been done in recent years, by universities, in collaborations industry-academia and there are IoT increasing activities and applications in the industry.
IoT applications in the sense of this industry workshop are solutions using IoT technologies to improve industrial manufacturing processes, enable new and efficient ways to do operate production plants, create new service or supervision means for industrial installations, offer an optimized infrastructure, reduce operational cost or improve human safety in industrial areas.

From an industry point of view value creation form IoT applications and sustainability are important aspects. How these value aspects will be addressed and solved will influence the use of IoT technologies in the industry, on a larger scale, in the coming years.

The workshops intents to bring together experts from around the world to discuss, share experience on IoT applications and value creation for industry and to address and highlight  with priority two major topics:

1.        IoT applications in industry – experience, challenges
2.        IoT applications creating value for industry and expected evolution

The workshop is intended to contribute to a IoT-supported paradigm change in manufacturing, industrial service and over life sustainable industrial activities.


Workshop Organizers:

Dr. Ing. N. L. Fantana, SM IEEE, ABB, chair

Dr. Jin Wook Lee , Samsung, co-chair

Dr. T. Riedel, KIT, co-chair



Title Company Country Session
Dr. Ing. Nicolaie L. Fantana Challenges for creating sustainable value by IoT industrial applications. ABB DE chair, presenter
Dr. Jin Wook Lee Samsung’s vision for IoT and Key Technologies


Samsung KR co-chair, presenter
Dr. Till Riedel  Smart Data Innovation: Strategies for an inevitable revolution


KIT DE co-chair, presenter
Dr. Ovidiu Vermesan, t.b.a.  EC  IoTRC EC IoT RC activities with focus on IoT and industry


EC IoT RC, SINTEF NO presenter
Prof. Sanjay Sarma, Josh Siegel Low-cost, pervasive sensing leveraging existing wireless infrastructure MIT USA presenter
Dr. Florian Michahelles How a Web of Systems could change industries


Siemens USA presenter
Dr. Wei C.R. Sun The topics is IOT Cloud and industry solution innovations IBM USA, CN presenter
Prof. Jerker Delsing Arrowhead Framework a key enabler to very large scale automation systems Lulea University of Technology SE presenter
Prof. Detlef Zühlke Industry 4.0 from concepts to products DFKI DE presenter
Prof. Alexander Pflaum Business Ecosystems for the Internet of Things


Fraunhofer, U. Bamberg DE presenter
Prof. Didier Stricker, Dr. Alireza Dehghani Eyes of Things – visual sensing in the Internet of Things


DFKI, Movidius DE, IRE presenter
Stefan Svensson IoTSP – Revolutionary man-machine cooperation ABB SE presenter




* Short survey for the Workshop “IoT applications  value creation for industry – experience, challenges, evolution” is opened. see HERE