Notice for Poster and Demo Presenters

We would like to announce about preparations for posters and demos in IoT 2015 conference. Please read them carefully and follow the required procedure.

For Poster presenters:

Poster Display Size: When preparing accepted posters please note that your poster should not exceed the following dimensions: 841 x 1189 mm, portrait format. Other formats will not be supported.

For Demo presenters:

We will provide the following basic equipment for each team:
1. Wired internet with public IP address
2. Multiple tap (power)
3. One desk (1.82 x 0.46 x 0.76) for each team
And we will provide some additional equipment for those teams requested in the brief:
1. 24” monitor with HDMI support
2. Wireless router
If you have any additional requests, please ask us until October 12th
Important Note (for demo presenters): if you are going to prepare a poster in your demo, please notify us before October 12th so that we can prepare a board to display your poster. Also, please follow the same poster display size as for poster presenters.