Worldwide collaboration for global IoT solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging paradigm which promises to resolve many social and economic problems that the world is currently facing. For instance, smarter cities that more efficiently use the city infrastructure resources, which should be shared by the increasing population; smarter homes with increased safety and comfort; smarter, eco-friendly transportation; efficient industrial processes for improved production, etc. These are global problems that need global solutions.

Significant worldwide effort is currently being conducted to create the building blocks for future IoT solutions. Various standardization work, industrial alliances, collaborative R&D, etc. has been founded  and obtained valuable progress. However, with this rapidly emerging domain and opportunities, the risk of wasting efforts is high if we miss the importance of worldwide collaboration and benefit from the cross-cultural collaboration and exchange of experiences.

This workshop brings together some example collaboration efforts between European, American and Asian institutes in the IoT domain. The participants will share with the audience their experiences with such collaborations, share best practices and lessons learnt. The presenters will also be able to provide guidelines for future collaboration opportunities.


Workshop Organizers:

Levent Gurgen ( , CEA-LETI, France

Hyoung Jun Kim (, ETRI, Korea


Workshop Agenda:

Name Affiliation Country Title
Dr. Levent Gürgen EU Project Coordinator, CEA (French Commission for Atomic and Alternative Energies) France EU-Japan collaboration for smarter cities
Philippe Cousin CEO, Easy Global Market France EU-China collaboration in IoT
Jin Mitsugi Keio University  Japan EU-US-Asia collaboration within the Auto-ID Labs: research, standardization and regulation development
Jie Shen Vice President, WSN China Introduction about the IoT application situation in China
Korea The Construction of Smart Cities: Learning from Korea
JaeHo Kim Head, KETI Korea EU-Korea collaboration with open source IoT platforms