Poster & Demo Sessions

15:30 ~ 17:30, Oct. 27, 2015

Poster Session

• A Degree Constrained Spanning Tree-Based Device Discovery Scheme for Lighting Control Networks
Min Gyung Kwak (Samsung Techwin, Korea), Jinsuk Baek, and Paul S. Fisher (Winston-Salem State University, USA)

• Performance Evaluations for IEEE 802.15.4-based IoT Home Automations
Nga Dinh and Sangsoon Lim (Samsung Electronics, Korea)

• Things-to-cloud communication: technology overview and design considerations
Markus Jung, Jee Hyeok Kim, Hyun Wook Wi, Segon Kim (Samsung Electronics, Korea), and Matthias Kovatsch (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

• Non-paired Emergency Data Transmission for Mobile Healthcare in 6Lo over BLE
Wondeuk Yoon, Minkeun Ha, Kiwoong Kwon, and Daeyoung Kim (KAIST, Korea)

• Leveraging Controller Area Network Data for Predicting Vehicle Position during GPS Outage
Benjamin Ryder (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Andre Dahlinger, and Felix Wortmann (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)

• IoT Transaction Security
Shwetha Rao, Kumar Gaurav, Pravin Goyal, and Vartika Agrawal (VMware, India)

• Car as a Sensor
Andre Dahlinger (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland), Benjamin Ryder (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), and Felix Wortmann (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)

• A Novel Recommender System in IoT
Remo Manuel Frey, Runhua Xu (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), and Alexander Ilic (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)

• An IoT Automation System based on Light-weight Decentralized Rule Processing
Young-Jin Kim, Joonsep Oh, Young-min Won, Hyeon-Jae Shin, Sang-Ung Yi, and Seung-Ho Jung (Samsung Electronics, Korea)

Demo Session

• A Visual Design Toolset for Drag-and-drop Smart Space Configuration
Darren Carlson (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Matthias Mogerle (University of Stuttgart, Germany), Max Pagel, Shivam Verma, and David S. Rosenblum (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

• Developing Smart Environments in the Internet of Things with the Semantic IDE
Yassin Nasir Hassan and Matthias Kovatsch (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

• UbiUnity: a Dynamic Visual Simulation Framework for Web of Things
Stéphane Lavirotte, Jean-Yves Tigli, Gérald Rocher, Léa El Beze, and Adam Palma (Polytech’Nice Sophia, France)

• Interaction based IoT Architecture
David Jung and Kausik Sridharabalan (Pulzze Systems, USA)

• 6Lo-based LWM2M Smart Metering System for IoT
Wondeuk Yoon, Dongsoo Kim, Kiwoong Kwon, Jiyong Han, Minkeun Ha (KAIST, Korea), Junyong Park (New York University, USA), and Daeyoung Kim (KAIST, Korea)

• Smart Bottle Cap: Controlling Liquid Flow from a Bottle with a Smartphone
Arinobu Niijima, Takahiro Kusabuka, Soichiro Uchida, and Tomoki Watanabe (NTT Corporation, Japan)

• IndianaJS: Building spatially aware web sites for the Web of Things
Andrei Miclaus, Matthias Berning, and Till Riedel (TecO, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

• The IoT Rockbolt
Jerker Delsing, Jens Eliasson, Pablo Punal Pereira (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden), and Joakim Gebart (Eistec AB, Sweden)