Internet of Processes

Auto-ID and IoT in Industry

The Internet of Things opens new and great potential for usage of implicitly gathered information for monitoring and control of global logistics processes. These processes are immensely important for manufacturing and production, especially in automotive industry where these information interconnect hundreds of vendors and suppliers in global supply chain.

IoT has already found its way into a variety of large scale applications and arguably it is already one of the most successful technologies in the history of computing. The usage of this potential can be defined as an Internet of Processes.

Proposed workshop provides unique platform for introduction and discussion of current development of IoT for industrial applications in systems control. Based on proposed topics, the workshop is focused on:

  • Industry 4.0 and multiagents and holonic systems
  • Logistics Networks Applications
  • IoT services and theirs quality


Workshop Organizers:

Name Affiliation Country
Dr. Vladimir Kebo VSB – Technical University of Ostrava Czech Republic
Dr. Lukas Vojtech Czech Technical University in Prague Czech Republic
Prof. Jongtae Rhee Dongguk University South Korea
Prof. Juraj Vaculik University of Zilina Slovakia


Workshop Duration:

Each presentation will take time 15 min, i.e. 120 minutes

Discussion: 30 minutes

Total duration of workshop approx. 2.5 hours.


Workshop Agenda:

Name Affiliation Country Title
Jin Mitsugi Keio University Japan Composite automatic identification and data capture for industrial internet
Jakub Unucka Gaben company Czech Rep. IoT as a support for logistics processes in automotive
Jongtae Rhee Dongguk Univ. Korea OBD2 and machine vision-based car recognition for advanced carsharing services management
Vladimir Kebo VSB-TUO Czech Rep. Industry 4.0 and holonic systems
Lukas Vojtech CTU in Prague Czech Rep. Reliability and Quality of IoT services – today and tomorrow
Peter Kolarovszki Univ. of Zilina Slovakia Identification services through intelligent item agent
Petra Fuchsikova GS1 Czech R. Czech Rep. GS1 EPC/RFID will make Internet of Things alive
Speaker from KAIST under negotiation


Contact Person:

Pavel Stasa –